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Austrias foreign minister deplores election in Belarus

The recent election in Belarus. Austrias foreign minister Spindelegger is not happy about the result. He declared in a press release that he feels a deep sorrow about the deficits during the election process.

Spindelegger also complains about the massive and forceful impact against demonstrators. “I won’t accept that”, he told. The Austrian foreign minister explained that freedom of assembly and freedom of expression are the basic values of an open society. Those terms are very important if Minsk wants better relations with the European Union, he said.

With such a behaviour the government in Minsk made one step away from the European Union, said Spindelegger. Spindelegger now demands freedom for all arrested demonstrators and an investigation about the violence on the streets. The Austrian foreign minister claimed that there is no purpose for an isolation of Belarus, but the execution of our ideas and demands in Belarus would improve our relationship.

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