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Snow pirates in Salzburg

Authorities from the city of Salzburg are not happy about professional snow shovellers who act like snow pirates. Now they even threat them with criminal complaints. Reason: those snow shovellers put snow from the pavement and throw it on the road. In Salzburg it’s strictly forbidden to throw snow on roads, knows an expert of the law in Salzburg.

It sounds like a declaration of war. A spokesman of the authorities from the city of Salzburg promised that “snow criminals are going to be chased merciless.” Also the female city council for building affairs from the Peoples party is quite angry. She tells that everybody has to remove the snow infront of his house, but it’s not allowed to throw the removed snow on the road. “That’s not possible and acceptable”, she said.

Experts doubt if it’s possible to catch a lot of “snow pirates” in Salzburg. The logistic effort would be too much for police and security companies. But maybe the authorities from the city of Salzburg are really very serious about their announcements, and soon we can see the first arrested snow pirates on TV.

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