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Wants Austrias minister of defence an army on the paper?

Austrias minister of defence, Norbert Darabos (Socialdemocrats), plans massive savings in the Austrian army. First he wants to sell several hundred tanks, then he wants to close many offices in Vienna, and also the number of soldiers should be drastically reduced.

The opposition is shocked and upset. Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” reports that such an army would only exist on the paper, and asks if this should be the plan of our minister of defence. Even the pacifist Greens can’t understand such ideas. The green spokesman for security, Peter Pilz, confirms that such an army would be something like a “paper army”.

The Freedom party thinks that Darabos just wants to destroy the Austrian army. The Orange party also known as “BZÖ” talks about a “deaccession of Austrias family silver.”

The security spokesman of the Greens explains that Darabos seems to be a second “Baron Munchhausen”. Darabos replies he just sees the need to save about 30 million Euro in times of the economic crisis. There are also rumours that Darabos wants to close several more barracks. Even the Radetzky Kaserne should be affected. It’s also told that some of the tanks in the Austrian army are that old, they would resolve itself.

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