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Freedom party close to Nationalsocialism?

The Socialdemocrat party whip Rudolf Schicker started a new episode of the bitter altercations between Socialdemocrats and Freedom party.

He has moved the Freedom party close to Nationalsocialism, and blamed them vicariously for the establishment of concetration camps during the second world war. “A scandal”, answered the party whip of Viennas Freedom party Johann Gudenus. Gudenus explained that the statements of the Socialdemocrat are not only an “outrageous absurdity”, but also an “impertinent misrepresentation”. The Freedom party expects a prompt excuse, confirmed Gudenus. The Freedom party man continued that Schickers statement is an insult against Austrias parliamentarism and a sign of foolishness coupled with a lack of knowledge. Good requirements for a continued failure of the Socialdemocrats in Vienna, thinks Gudenus.

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