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Is the Austrian church terrifying violent?

The independent hotline for victims of clerical violence presented a shocking report about the violence in the Austrian church yesterday during a press conference.

The hotline exists since March 2010. 72 percent of the victims who reported violence to the hotline were male. 28 percent female. Most of the violent criminals were sacred priests. The rest of the ones who like to practice violence in the church were nuns and employees.

78,2 percent of the violent perpetrators were male. The most common scene of violence is the Catholic college and the Catholic asylum by 55,8 percent. Austrias province Upper Austria is on the top of the incidents, followed by Vienna and Lower Austria. Most of the victims are children from socially deprived families between 7 and 14 years. 12 percent of the victims were 6 years or even younger.

40,4 precent of the perpetrators demanded their victims to keep silent. They threatened them with more violence, sin, and even with an attendance in hell, if they would speak what happened.

The independent hotline for victims of clerical violence demands more motivation from the government for a solution of the situation. To let the church do the investigations is like setting a fox to keep the geese, said a spokesman of the hotline. It was confirmed that the incidents weren’t done by some few “black sheeps”. The massive numbers of incidents show a collective failure of the church in Austria.

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