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Socialdemocrat about Freedom party man: “Right-wing extremist”

A provincial politican of the Socialdemocrats from Upper Austria wanted to let the world know that he thinks a certain politican of the Freedom party is a “right-wing extremist”.

He labeled him that way during a press conference. The critical Socialdemocrat is the provincial party leader of Upper Austria. The affected Freedom party man is the chairman of Upper Austrias Freedom party. His first statement was that his Socialdemocrat enemy is fit for retirement. The chairman of Upper Austrias Freedom party confirmed that he does not feel like a right-wing extremist. He only wants to support the constitutional state.

Reason of the conflict was the new episode of the Albanian family who is returning back to Austria. The Freedom party man called their legal return a “reward for asylum abuse.” The Socialdemocrat replied critics against this family is like “burping”.

This new conflict between Socialdemocrats and Freedom party is another proof that both parties really hate eachother. It’s seems quite unrealistic at the moment that there will be a coalition between both parties somewhere in a state parliament. Althought Freedom party leader Heinz Chrisitian Strache demanded a coalition between Socialdemocrats and his Freedom party in Vienna. But the Socialdemocrats refused impassioned.

Ein Kommentar zu “Socialdemocrat about Freedom party man: “Right-wing extremist””

  1. Tom

    Remember 1683. It wasn’t that long ago.
    Jericho was destroyed from within. It looks like Vienna will be, too.

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