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Zogaj family returns back to Austria

Austrian medias are full of stories about the Albanian family Zogaj again these days. They are going to return back to Austria in a few days.

The Zogaj family moved to Austria as illegal immigrants and stayed there several years. One girl of the family, Arigona, tried to avoid a deportation, hid on a secret place, and sent dramatic video messages to Austrian medias. She became a media star that way and was allowed to stay in Austria with her mother three years longer as the rest of the family.

This summer Arigona and her mother with two other siblings decided to return to Albania by their own choice. It was the key to a legal immigration some months later. Now Austrian authorities confirmed the entry permit of the mother and three of her children (Albin 11 years old, Albona 10 years old, and Arigona who is now 18 years old).

Upper Austrias Socialdemocrat Josef Ackerl told that he was never happy with the menacing deportation of the family. He said that a long term solution must be found now. The Freedom party has a different opinion and sees a failure of Austrias immigration policy. “The Zogaj family are known as economic refugees and phoney asylum seekers”, said Freedom parties politican Manfred Haimbuchner in a very critical way.

The Green party is very enthusiastic about the return of the Zogajs. “Welcome back home”, was the first message of the Green politican Rudi Anschober. “Finally the long story of fear and uncertainty found its end”, he confirmed. Even the Orange party called “BZÖ” has an opinion in this case. BZÖ general secretary Christian Ebner said that the return of the Zogaj family was a biased trial. “The asylum law in Austria is based on total caprice”, he told.

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