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Lower Austrians are the most unathletic Austrians

29 percent of all Austrians are completely against sport. Austrians from the west are much more athletic than from the east. Results of a new survey about the sporting behaviour in Austria.

Austrians from the Western provinces of Tirol, Vorarlberg and Salzburg are doing a lot of sport in their leisure. Cycling is their most popular activity. The laziest people in relation to sport are living in Lower Austria, shows the result of the survey.

Carinthians take the second place in the ranking of the most unathletic Austrians. The most popular sports of the Austrians are cycling, hiking, winter sport, running, swimming and gymnastics.

There are a lot of differences in the federal states about the most popular sports. People from Burgenland are passionate about table tennis, basketball and volleyball. Carinthias prefer skating and ice hockey.

Styrians like to bowl, Lower Austrians enjoy yoga, cycling is the number one sport in Vorarlberg, and winter sport as well as hiking in Tirol and Salzburg on the top.

The model province is Upper Austria. Upper Austria shows almost exactly the average of the favourite sports from all the other federal states together. Viennese prefer indoor sports and martial arts.

38 percent of the Austrians do sport at least once in a week. The EU-average is 40 percent. The most athletic Europeans can be found in Sweden and Finland (72 percent), and also in Denmark (64 percent). Greeks and Italians are on the lowest end of the list.

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