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Uproar about a family from Mongolia in Carinthia

A family from Mongolia makes the headlines in Austrias most southern province Carinthia these days.

Local politicans rack their brains if the family should leave Austria and go back to Mongolia or not. Angry reactions from the Socialdemocrats caused the latest idea of Uwe Scheuch, a former politican of the Orange party (BZÖ) and currently in the new created political force called “The free ones in Carinthia (FPK)”.

Scheuch said that the father should go back to Mongolia, if he is a criminal, and his children should stay in Austria and live with guest families. The mother died in a car crash some time ago.

The Socialdemocrats of Carinthia can’t accept such a suggestion. “Everybody who lives longer than 5 years in Carinthia should be allowed to stay. No matter who he is or what he did”, is the message of the Socialdemocrats. All Carinthian politicans agree that the right of residence for the family would be a very important sign for the humanitarian intentions of Carinthia. Even minister president Dörfler wants the whole family to stay in his province.

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