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63 percent of Austrians happy with their life

63 percent of the Austrian population is happy with the current life, but only 25 percent of the Austrians are optimistic about their future. Results of a new survey.

There are almost no differences between the sexes. Only between men and women who are older than 80 years. In this group 83 percent of the men are happy, but only 26 percent of the women. The most happiest Austrians can be found in the age between 15 and 19 (71 percent). The lowest amount of happy people is located in the age group between 30 and 39 years (59 percent).

A lot of money makes happy, is another result of the survey. People with a high salary are usually much happier than people with a low salary. Austrians who earn more than 3.600 Euro every month have a percentage of happy people of 75 percent. People who do not earn more than 900 Euro every month have a percentage of only 45 percent.

Was the life better in the past? Viennese do not agree. The most proponents in that question come from the provinces Tirol and Styria.

Another interesting fact is the result that Austrian families with children are not so happy. The percentage of happy people has the highest values if there are no children in the family (65 percent). There are only 43 percent of happy families who are living with three or more children.

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