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Interest-free credit for students in Austria?

Students and headmasters are upset. The conditions in Austrias universities are unbearable. Now a clear decision about the financing is claimed. If there is a studying for free, the government has to grab much deeper in the pocket as before.

Another solution would be an interest-free credit for students according to the model in Australia. Students repay the credit when their earnings are appropriate high. But a solution must be found to improve the situation of Austrias universities permanently.

It’s doubtful that the government will put more money into the universities. A so called “savings package of cruelty” is on its way to improve Austrias finances. It does not seem like there will be some extra money for universities, if all Austrians have to expect severe cuts.

Ein Kommentar zu “Interest-free credit for students in Austria?”

  1. Eric Price

    In the rest of the world all students for post secondary education, and even in some cases below, have to pay for the education as this is not necessary to work for a living. Austria is a rich country yet run by a semi-communist party and mafia (SPÖ) and is now caught out by EU regulations. It’s time this party adapats to a democratic party.

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