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Election in Vienna 2010

The only winner was HC Straches Freedom party. The Freedom party was able to win more than 12 percent and become Viennas strongest force behind the Socialdemocrats. All other parties lost votes: Socialdemocrats, Peoples party, Green party. For the Peoples party it was a huge disaster. Only 13,23 percent means an historical trough. The prime candidate of the Peoples party, Christine Marek, pulled a wry face after the first computer prediction. She has expected a much better result.

The Socialdemocrats lost their absolute majority and have to search for a coalition partner now. Many experts believe it will be the Peoples party. But also the Greens have chances to rule Vienna with the Socialdemocrats. Only the Freedom party is excluded in the game. Nobody wants to cooperate with Strache and his friends. So his rather great success was like a Pyrrhic victory.

The result:
1st Socialdemocrats (44,13 percent)
2nd Freedom party (27,06 percent)
3rd Peoples party (13,23 percent)
4th Greens (12,23 percent)
5th Orange party BZÖ (1,4 percent)
6th Communist party 1,15 percent)
7th Liberals (0,68 percent)

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