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Vienna is one of the most expensive places for clothes

According to a world wide comparison of a Swiss bank, Vienna is one of the most expensive places in the world for buying clothes. Only Tokyo is more expensive as Vienna.

The Swiss bank compared 122 goods and services around the world. Vienna has a good result in its buying power, and made the 24th rank of 73 cities. The city with the highest buying power is Zurich, followed by Sydney, Miami and Los Angeles. Also the German cities Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich have a higher buying power as Vienna.

The most expensive city in the world is Oslo, followed by Zurich and Geneve. Vienna on the 13th rank in that valuation. When it comes to clothes, Vienna is even the second most expensive place in the world. Behind Tokyo. The average wardrobe for women with 5 pieces and a pair of shoes cost 710 Euro. Men has to pay 850 Euro for the same.

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