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Street fight in Upper Austria: Chechens and Albanians vs Turks

Last weekend a street fight between Chechens, Albanians and Turks took place in the Upper Austrian town of Mauthausen.

One Turk sustained heavy injuries and had to be brought to hospital. Also baseball bats were used in the fight. The “Alliance For The Future Of Austria”, also known as the orange party called “BZÖ”, demands a “citizenship on approbation” after the incident. Probably all fighters had already the Austrian passport.

The orange party confirms that there are laws and rules in Austria, which everbody should follow. The police still tries to investigate the details of the conflict. According to reports of some daily newspapers, several hundred people were involved in the fight.

Usually Mauthausen is a calm and peaceful village on the Danube river with just 5.000 inhabitants. Photos of the place can be seen here.

– link: Mauthausen photos

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