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Police arrested 5 beggars in Vienna

“It is more blessed to give than to receive”, is an old sentence from the bible. The Viennese police is not impressed about such sententiously quotes from ancient compositions. Last weekend they arrested 5 people from Romania who wanted to earn some money with begging.

Austrias Broadcasting Corporation reports that most of the beggars were old and disabled. They lived in small apartments under inhumane conditions. Sometimes more than 40 people lodged in one small single apartment. In this case 11 people were also arrested in Romania. They tried to recruit new beggars for the streets of Vienna. All of them have to expect a trial in Romania. The 5 in Vienna arrested beggars have to return home.

3 Kommentare zu “Police arrested 5 beggars in Vienna”

  1. paul Hiller

    If the austrian government would put a resriction on the amount of illegal aliens in the country perhaps the future generations of our peoples culture would not be destroyed. Such as holand and
    England. The muslim hords have and will overpopulate within 2o years.
    Austria will be but another country forever lost to the culure war of muhammeds zombies….
    Prey of Austria, and Europe. May God help us , the leaders are traders and are kissing the butts
    of these people that wish to kill us.

  2. DT

    Austria must shut its borders to Muslims. If it fails to do so, within a few decades, the Austrian people will be the White Minority… in their own country!
    Do not underestimate the dangers of Muslim settlement in your beautiful country. Those ALIENS will destroy you and your culture!

  3. ernie

    the people that comment on this are right the muslim well take over austria . god help you . read the koran it well tell you how this treat the non muslim . they are aloud too beat there women . stone them . to death is this you want for the people of austria .

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