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4.000 inhabitant village in Tirol wants brothel

A Tirolean village of 4.000 inhabitants wants to have its own brothel. In the last conference the local council voted for the building of such an establishment. The brothel should be located on the border of the village centre in the premises of a former restaurant.

The assessment of demand showed a negative result, but that did not impress the local politicans. The secret polling ended with 10 yes-votes and 7 no-votes. It seeems the brothel should also substitute the closed restaurant and offer an “erotic escort service.” Now provincial authorities have to check the assessment of demand. If everything is okay, there will be a rededication and the 4.000 inhabitant village can celebrate the new facility soon.

But who should visit the brothel? The mayor has no idea. Locals and holidaymakers won’t use it, he said. But there is already a name: “White Cat.”

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