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Freedom party with Anti Islam Online Game

Again a lot of rage and anger about the Freedom party. An Anti Islam Online Game was published on the official website of the party. The user has to terminate minarets by mouse clicks.

Werner Kogler of the Green party reacts with a report to the police. He locates the legal violation of sedition. He said that members of the Freedom party are only able to agitate. They do not care about 40.000 unemployed in the province of Styria.

Freedom party man Gerhard Kurzmann defends the online game. “The game is harmless”, he said, and confirmed that he wanted to excite young people with such online game. Kurzmann declared that radical Islamism must be combated.

Austrias first Muslim Anas Schakfeh labeled the game as “tasteless”. He told that he does not understand the motive for such a thing in a country of “peace and harmony.” Schakfeh confirmed he is going to think about legal measures. Members of the Peoples party said the game is stupid and that the Freedom party shouldn’t be part of the state parliament. BZÖ man Gerald Grosz labels the campaign as “childish” and a “fooling around”. Members of the Communist party “KPÖ” ask what would the Freedom party say if Muslims would create an online game where church towers and priests must be shot.

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