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Chancellor Faymann: Islam is no problem for Austrians

In Austrias daily newspaper called “Österreich” chancellor Werner Faymann of the Socialdemocrats declared that Islam is no problem for Austrians. Faymann is angry about Freedom party leader Heinz Christian Strache who wants to start a public opinion poll against minarets and headscarfs.

Faymann calls such ambitions “changing cheap loose cash for the election campaign”. “The truth is that Austrians have absolutely no problems with the Islam in Austria”, he explained. Faymann was also talking about the level of Heinz Chrisitian Strache. “The lowest level. Strache has the lowest level. It’s not possible anymore to go lower”, Faymann said.

Some days ago Strache called the Austrian Socialdemocrats a “party of the Islam”. Emotions are going high. Soon there will be the mayoral election in Vienna, and the election campaign just started now.

3 Kommentare zu “Chancellor Faymann: Islam is no problem for Austrians”

  1. paul Hiller

    faymann is a fool. The problem is people like this following there politcal agenda and destroying Austria from the inside with this total brainless ass kissing of these people who would love to cut his head off.
    This man is a traitor to Austria…

  2. ernie

    whats wrong with this fool to even think that islam is no problem . when austria let . more of them in the country they well take over an sharia law well be the norm. eu an the u.s an canada , well find out all about islam then it well be too late . they are no friend . read the koran they well kill you. faymann is a nut

  3. Omar

    What’s wrong with islam you guys what you say is very wrong, plus you are not even Austrian, you don’t speak for them. Unless you are very stupid.

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