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Soldiers song in retirement home

Discomposure in the Freedom party. Freedom parties borough chairman of Viennas district Brigttenau indicates in one of his press releases that members of the Socialdemocrats sang the German soldiers song “Lilli Marleen” during the celebrations in a retirement home.

The song “Lilli Marleen” was written by the German soldier poet Hans Leip during the first world war in April 1915 before his departure to the Eastern Front.

The politican wrote in such a context about a scandal in inverted commas. He thinks that political sleaze watchdogs and anti-fascists would usually appear on the scene, if somebody else as the Socialdemocrats took part in the celebration. Members of the Freedom party can make a try and sing the song in another retirement home. Then it’s possible to see if Socialdemocrats are going to make a scandal out of it.

Photographer: Vinicius Tupinamba | Agency:

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