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Toilet fight between Russian man and Albanian family in Austria

A bizarre toilet fight between one Russian man and an Albanian family took place in the province of Tirol. Both parties to the dispute were discordant in the use of a toilet on the motorway service area Gries.

The 52-year-old Russian knocked the 62-year-old Albanian family patriarch down with one stroke. Then the son of the 62-year-old Albanian became active and started to batter the Russian. The Russian replied with a 70 centimeter iron stick. Now also one of the Albanian ladies got involved in the fight. At the end two persons had to be brought to hospital. The Russian man with a laceration and the Albanian lady with injuries on her back. So much passion and emotionsĀ for a simple toilet. It seems the desire to void was very strong.

2 Kommentare zu “Toilet fight between Russian man and Albanian family in Austria”

  1. paul Hiller

    Are there any Austians in Austria anymore. Russians, Albanians, Turks, gypsys , muslims.
    What the heck is going on.

  2. Hitler

    Wasn’t there a dude about 70 years ago who thought the same thing? x

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