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Austria needs German and maths teachers

Summer holidays are almost over and Austrian medias report already about the first problems in the new school year. There will be not enough teachers for the subjects of maths and German.

The problems are homemade. Just some few years ago the Education Secretary warned young people to become a teacher. “We have too much teachers in Austria”, was the main message for those who wanted to be a teacher. Today the situation changed dramatically. There is a lack of teachers in Austria now. Especially teachers for German and maths are missing. But also the subjects of English, chemistry and physics are in need of more teachers in Austria.

There are two important reasons which changed the situation so severe. At first there was a massive wave of retirements and the second important reason was the creation of the “new secondary school”. The schools inspector also moans about the small amount of male teachers. All new teachers are almost only female. The profession of the teacher seems to be not enough attractive anymore for men.

Ein Kommentar zu “Austria needs German and maths teachers”

  1. Brigitte Koren

    Who writes these articles? Most of the sentences in the articles are grammatically incorrect creating confusion about the subjects and thus making the paper unworthy to read on a regular basis.

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