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Viennese mayor outraged about election posters of Freedom party

Every time there is an election in Austria, the Freedom party is faced with loud criticism from all competitors about their way of election campaign. This time no less a figure than the mayor of Vienna seems to be very unhappy about the election posters of the Freedom party for the next election in Vienna.

Viennas mayor Häupl labeled those posters as “the worst sort of provocation.” The Freedom party wants to win some votes with following sentence: “More courage for Viennese blood – too much foreign is not good.”

Freedom party man Kickl, who usually designs Freedom party posters, replied that mayor Häupl should stop crying. He also claimed that the Socialdemocratic party of mayor Häupl is a pure lobby club for the Islam. Kickl explained that he wanted to discuss the amount of immigration to Austria with such an election campaign slogan. In the last surveys Socialdemocrats are going to win 50 percent of votes. The Freedom party has about 20 percent at the moment.

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