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Austrians are very unhappy about their salaries

Compared to other nations, Austrians are very unhappy about their salaries. This shows a new study of the future researcher Reinhold Popp. Not even a fifth of all working Austrians is satisfied with the salary. Only 16 percent are happy with the amount of money they receive from the employer.

There is much more satisfaction with Austrias social system (42 percent), the situation of living (41 percent), health (37 percent), and job and education (32 percent).

Austrians belong to one of the citizens of the European Union with the highest income. But still it seems not to be enough for the most.

Ein Kommentar zu “Austrians are very unhappy about their salaries”

  1. john

    naturally check the taxes upon citizens, you may discover that everything is far more expensive than in other countries, although
    salaries, they remain little poor compared to some other countries. – Well the system works like this, and there will be not
    changes to that to many years, everyone is accepting, and not one wiill never change the face of the world in one day.

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