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Innsbruck: 63-year-old hotel owner raped 17-year-old chamber maid

One year ago a 63-year-old hotel owner from Tirol raped a 17-year-old chamber maid. Yesterday he was sentenced to 12 months prison. In his defence strategy he declared that he was seduced by the young girl. The judge did not believe him and replied it’s quite cynical to claim seduction for the reason of his despicable deed.

This was already the second trial in this case. In the first trial he received only a financial penalty of 18.000 Euro. Too much for the hotel owner. He wanted to pay less and decided to appeal. This was another bad decision. Now he has to go to prison for 12 months instead of paying a lower financial penalty.

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Ein Kommentar zu “Innsbruck: 63-year-old hotel owner raped 17-year-old chamber maid”

  1. Thomas Jakits

    What a joke!

    1- year …..
    10 years would be more appropriate!


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