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Young female politican of Socialdemocrats wants minister of justice to resign

Laura Rudas, who is a young politican of the Socialdemocrats and a hope for a better future, made it into the headlines of Austrias newspapers again. She is not happy about the work of Austrias minister of justice, and wants her to resign.

There are some scandals around the Socialdemocratic coalition partner Peoples party, and still no results in the investigations. Claudia Bandion-Ortner, who is the independent minister of justice nominated from the Peoples party, still can’t show any results. Laura Rudas can’t understand that and starts becoming impatient. “Austrias justice should have results since two days ago”, Rudas says, and criticises that there are absolutely no results of the investigations. “This is a scandal”, she complains. Rudas thinks that the Austrians have a right to know who cheat on them. Claudia Bandion Ortner strikes back and declared that Laura Rudas tries to “politicize Austrias justice.”

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