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Too little money for summer holiday: murder!

A blonde 34-year-old fivefold mother from Upper Austria killed her 77-year-old neighbour because she had too little money for a summer holiday with her husband and her 5 children.

The murder already happened on the 28th July, but it took some time to find the offender. The victim was killed in her own house by a kitchen knife. The 34-year-old offender was convicted because she tried to sell a coin collection which was stolen in the victims house.

The alleged murderer is described as a very inconspicuous person and well financially situated. But too little money for a summer holiday was an unsustainable situation for her. She entered the house of her neighbour and killed her with a kitchen knife in a brutish way. Then she took the coin collection and left unrecognized.

When she was caught by the police and convicted, a world collapsed for her husband the the five children. A crisis intervention team of the red cross had to take care of them.

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