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Public toilet in Vienna under monumental protection

Anger about a public toilet in a Viennese park. The toilet is closed since more than 10 years. Reason: the facility is under monumental protection and a redevelopment would cost 300.000 Euro. Too much for the financial stricken city of Vienna.

But visitors of the park can’t understand that. They want to have a toilet if they are in need to use one. But the Antiquities and Monuments Office in Vienna don’t want to understand such a desire. It’s not allowed to build a new toilet in the park. The old one must be refurbished. “It’s part of the Viennese charme to see old toilets”, explains the spokesman of the Antiquities and Monuments Office.

A soon end of the dispute is not in sight. The park called “Türkenschanzpark” in the district of Währing will probably celebrate its 175 years anniversary in two years without a running toilet.

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