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Austrian farmer was holding a slave for 30 years: no unconditional imprisonment!

The farmer from Austrias federal state of Styria, who was holding a slave for 30 years, does not have to go to prison. The judge gave him a suspended sentence of 18 months imprisonment.

The case was revealed and came to public in autumn 2008. A 56-year-old man was working for the farmer since 30 years without salary and medical treatment.

For his good nature to work for free and only for some food he was also beaten and insulted by his employer. A quite outlandish way to show gratitude.

But not even daily food was for sure. A witness confirmed that the 56-year-old victim had to beg on his knees for food and something to drink almost every third day infront of the kitchen window. Because of the many mistreatments he also lost the hearing on one ear.

The accused farmer was not cooperative and denied the testimony at all points. But still the judge was in a mild mood. No prison for all the crimes. Only 18 months on probation.

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  1. gutenberger

    Oesterreicher sind dumm and werden immer duemmer

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