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Cartinthian newspaper against beach volleyball in Klagenfurt

In todays issue of a Carinthian newspaper a critical article about the beach volleyball event in Klagenfurt puts oil on troubled waters. The beach volleyball tournament in Klagenfurt receives 900.000 Euro public sponsorship every year.

A bit too much for a federal state which is hopeless indebted, thinks a columnist of the newspaper. 2,5 billion Euro amounts the debt repayment status of the federal state of Carinthia.

Child benefit, kindergarten grant, and the heating costs grant was severely shortened. Savings in schools were inevitable, and the promised financial support for young people (during the last election campaign) has feet of clay. Only the beach volleyball event staid untouched. If politicans save the money which should be taken for the children, parents and the socially deprived society, also the rich and the beautiful people should be able to tighten their belts during the beachvolley ball event, is written in the newspaper.

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