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Austrian hairdressers and their prices

Women has to pay much more for the service in Austrian hair salons as men. The equal treatment commission of the Federal Chancellery does not like that. “Austrian hairdressers have to change their prices”, claims an insider.

Now also the medias report about the scandalous disadvantage of women in hair salons. The arguments of hairdressers that women are the more pretentious customers, and that they have longer and more dense hair is factual not justified and not comprehensible, is the result and the general opinion of the commission.

Different prices for the same performance is not alright and unlawful. It’s not allowed to differentiate between sexes to make a different price. This is the opinion of many people in Austria.

But hairdressers are still undiscerning. The guild master explains that a different pricing makes no sense. Same price of the same performance would make things more complicated, he says. He also explains that such a new pricing would destroy creativity and quality.

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