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Meat loaf trial in Vorarlberg

Three female employees of a petrol station were sentenced to fines because they ate too much meat loaf during work. The tenant of the petrol station also sold snacks to his customers. These include meat loaf.

The employees were such hungry young ladies that they could not resist and ate the tasteful delicacy in great quantities instead of selling it to the customers. At the end a shortage of 72 kilo was noticeable.

The loss amount 40.000 Euro. All three ladies were punished through fines. One has to pay 960 Euro and 1.300 Euro compensation. The two others 400 and 480 Euro.

Ein Kommentar zu “Meat loaf trial in Vorarlberg”

  1. Ashley McDonnel

    wow! now that´s something! *LOL* never knew austrian girls are THAT hungry … would be too interesting to know whether this unprecedented behaviour left any significant results on their waistlines 😀

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