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Swimmer Dinko Jukic becomes politican of the Peoples Party

The highly gifted swimmer and brother of the famous Mirna Jukic decided to become a politican of the Peoples Party. He wants to run for a post as a prime candidate in the Meidling district in the next communal elections.

Viennas Peoples Party boss Christine Marek is very excited about such a reenforcement in her election campaign, and talks about a “conscious declaration of war against the ruling Socialdemocrats.” The successful swimmer explained that he is used to jump in cold water. This time he wants to jump into the “cold water of politics.” Marek labels Dinko Jukic as born fighter who was also very good in school. He was so intelligent that he was allowed to skip one class.

The young man promised that his career as politican won’t harm his performances as a swimmer.

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