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Tirol has lowest divorce rate in Austria

Married couples fromĀ Tirol dislike divorces. This is the result of a research about divorce rates in Austria.

Generally it’s possible to say that the divorce rate in Austria is decreasing. The divorce mania in the past years seems to be over. The year 2009 had almost the same amount of divorces as 1999.

From 100 married couples in Tirol, 38 decide to divorce sooner or later. Austrias highest divorce rate is located in Vienna. 53 from 100 couples divorce there. Divorced marriages in Austria have an average durability of 10 years. Every third marriage in Austria which gets dicorced has no children.

Ein Kommentar zu “Tirol has lowest divorce rate in Austria”

  1. qwuasi

    May be there should be more citizens moving to Tirol where wisdom resides.

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