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Economizing suggestions from citizens in Austria

Austria has to save money. There is no doubt about that. Local politicans from the province of Upper Austria had the glorious idea to ask citizens about some suggestions for economies. The result was sobering and did not hit the taste of the politicans.

Most of the citizens mentioned political administrative bodies as dispensable. The politicans did not expect such results when they started with the surveys. Their enthusiasm about the answers staid in a frugal frame.

Federal councils are the most popular political functions Austrians would like to economize. Especially the federal council for art and culture, as well as for the forests should be canceled to save money, think most of the Austrians.

The attorneyship for environment is more important as the one for the schools, and Austrians would also like to quit the state parliament. On the contrary federal courts and police stations are very important. Politicans should not save money there. Also the sponsorship for residential building is very important for Austrians. Two thirds of all polled ones confirmed that.

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