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Kronen Zeitung publisher Hand Dichand is dead!

Hans Dichand, who was the publisher of Austrias daily newspaper “Kronen Zeitung”, died yesterday in a Viennese hospital, reaching 89 years of life. He made his newspaper with 3 million readers daily to the biggest one in Austria.

Hans Dichand was born on the 29th January 1921 as the son of a shoemaker in Graz. After an apprenticeship in a print shop, he decided to join the German navy in 1940 during the second world war as a war volunteer.

One year later he suffered a heavy injury. After the war he received a job as an editor for the British occupying power. This was the start in his life as a journalist. Later Dichand was working as a simple editor for the “Kleine Zeitung”, and afterwards as managing editor for the “Kurier”.

In 1959 he bought the rights for the “Kronen Zeitung” and started to make his own newspaper. Soon the Kronen Zeitung was the newspaper in Austria with the widest-circulation. In 2003 a media analysis revealed a cruising range of 43 percent.

Hans Dichand was very controversial and feared by politicans. It was told that Dichand was able to influence elections by a tendentious coverage. All ruling politicans of the past decades, expect Wolfgang Schüssel, completed first official visits after their elections in the house of Hans Dichand.

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