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Karl Heinz Hackl vs Heinz Christian Strache

The Austrian actor and theatre director Karl Heinz Hackl wrote a very angry open letter to Freedom party leader Heinz Christian Strache. The profound aversion is really noticeable in his emotional lines.

Hackl wrote that a refusal of the Freedom party is the duty of any democratic party. “Male and female, as well as young and old Austrians, are fed up with the dirty history of Austria”, he continued. The angry actor explains that Strache enjoys to exclude many institutions: “the reds, the blacks, the greens, the church, the naughty foreigners, the people from Turkey, the people from Greece, and the noisy Nazis.

The only ones Strache won’t exclude are “quiet Nazis” and the “decent foreigners”, thinks Hackl. Hackls open letter also thematized the self pitying of Strache, the promotion of the “eternal yesterday”, and the irresponsible handling of Austrias past.

The actor and theatre director is sure that Strache is a huge damage for the positive image of Austria in the world. He also labels the politican as “incarnate confirmation of prejudices which the world has against Austrians.”

Hackl closes his open letter with the words that Austria is not in need for a copy of Jörg Haider, and the statement that he condemns the actions and the attitude of Heinz Christian Strache. The farewell adorns a “deepest disgust”.

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