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Albanian girl has to leave Austria, declares Constitutional Court

The Albanian girl called Arigona Zogaj, who is living in Austria since several years and became a headliner because of her vigorous resistance of leaving Austria, is confronted with another decision to leave the country.

This time the demand note comes from the Constitutional Court and seems to be quite serious. Even her closest friend, a pastor, gave her the advise to accept the decision and return home to the Kosovo.

The young girl and her family also lost a lot of support from politicans. Only the Green party decided to keep the position and continue to fight for a right of residence. The president, once an ardent supporter of Arigona, declared that he won’t comment the decision of the Constitutional Court. Also voices of the Socialdemocrats claim that decisions of the Constitutional Court must be respected.

Austrias interior minister Maria Fekter explained that law is law, and it’s not possible to make an exception. Fekter also said that it’s possible to stay in Austria if Arigona marries an Austrian man. Arigona Zogaj herself don’t wanted to say anything to the medias.

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