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32-year woman from Tirol kidnapped baby in Salzburg

Yesterday at 10:00am a 32-year-old woman from Tirol kidnapped a three months old baby in the shopping mall called “Europark” in Salzburg.

The mother of the baby got changed in a changing cubicle of a clothing shop, when the offender used the convenient time and took the baby in a Maxi Cosi infront of the changing cubicle, and escaped with the car out of the shopping mall to Tirol.

A major search operation passed unsuccessful at the beginning. The exits of the shopping mall were blocked and every person was checked. But the 32-year old was already on her way to Tirol in that moment.

It took 5 hours to find the three months old baby Nora and her kidnapper. She tried to hide in the Bavarian countryside, when friends told her at home that the police is already searching for her. The baby was found in the grass next to a parking place of a supermarket in the German province of Bavaria.

The reason of such a crime was probably a personal drama of the 32-year old woman. Newspaper wrote that she was walking with an empty baby buggy through her village since several weeks. Her wish of having an own baby was very distinctive. More details about the offender were not published.

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