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Fight between Swiss cyclist and policeman in Lustenau

The website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” reports about a strange fight between a cyclist and a policeman in Vorarlbergs metropolis Lustenau. The guardian of the law tried to jump on the cycling cyclist. The cyclist was quick enough to avoid the surprising attack, and kicked the policeman down on the floor.

The policeman sustained heavy injuries. The reason of his sudden attack on the cyclist is completely unknown and not published. The cyclist decided not to escape and stayed on the spot. Later it turned out that he is a 16-year-old tourist from Switzerland. He was reported to the police and has to expect a trial in Austria.

It’s a quite mysterious story with one unanswered main question. What is the reason for a policeman to attack a peaceful tourist on the bicycle?

Ein Kommentar zu “Fight between Swiss cyclist and policeman in Lustenau”

  1. Jozef Herremans

    Falls der Polizist ihn ohne Grund attakiert hat,had der Junge ganz richtig reagiert.
    Er had das recht zur Selbstverteidigung,auch wenn es ein Polizist ist.In diesen
    Falle nicht der Junge sondern der Polizist sollte zur Anklage gebracht werden.
    Jozef Herremans,U.S.A.

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