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Every third Austrian spends his holiday domestically

The institute called “Institute for tourism and leisure research” revealed the result that every third Austrian prefers to spend his holiday in Austria. Thereby Austria is the most popular holiday destination for Austrians.

The typical Austrian holiday maker is not under 30 years old, comes from the countryside, and has no children under 15 years. Only 50 percent of the Austrian population are holiday makers. The institute counted only main holidays. More holidays in a year did not count.

The average holiday in Austria lasts 7,6 days. Holidays abroad are longer: 12,7 days. Vienna is not very popular as a travel destination for Austrians. It came on the last place in the ranking of Austrias federal states. Carinthia and Styria are the most popular holiday destinations for Austrians.

The education is very important where Austrians choose to spend their holiday. High educated people who spend their holiday in Austria are a curiosity. They usually travel abroad. Austrians who only have the graduation of a compulsory school are overrepresented in the group of Austrian holiday makers in Austria.

Lower Austrians are the most passionate holiday makers in Austria. 43 percent of them spend their holiday in Austria. People from Tirol are the opposite and take the last rank. Only 16 percent of them prefer to enjoy their holiday in Austria.

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