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Rioting public prosecutor of the female persuasion in Vienna

A public prosecutor of the female persuasion has to face an judical inquiry against herself. She was rioting in drunk condition inside a Viennese discotheque. She also gave out slaps in faces, kicked waiters with fists and feet, and cantillated racist chants.

The impulsive public prosecutor of the female persuasion is still in office until the decision is made if she is allowed to stay, or if she has to quit her job.

The proceedings in this case had to be delegated to another prosecution. Reason: conflict of interest. In several weeks it will turn out if there is going to be an impeachment or not.

Ein Kommentar zu “Rioting public prosecutor of the female persuasion in Vienna”

  1. Alejandro

    Well, this kind of things does not surprise me at all. Almost 25% of the Austrians have a deep Xenophobia which is hidden in public but comes to surface as soon as the opportunity arises. Police force is a very good example. Same happens with many of the Public workers (beamters) which, contradictorily, do not put any objection to the fact that their salaries are paid on a huge extent with the outrageous taxes that we, foreigners, have to pay in exchange of very few things.

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