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Drug addicts should leave Viennese underground station Karlsplatz

Local politicans from Vienna decided that the underground station Karlsplatz should be free from drug addicts in the future. At the moment this underground station is one of Viennas most favourite places of the local drug scene.

The plan of the city is to offer drugs for free or very cheap prices in another place legally, to destroy the illegal market of the drug dealers. Then drug addicts does not need to come to the underground station Karlsplatz anymore, and the place lost its current problem. In addition also the police presence should be increased. “Zero tolerance”, already declared a spokesman of the police.

Reason of the effort: Vienna plans a noble centre of culture inside the underground station. Drug users would damage the noble picture of the project. The construction works start in June, and should be finnished in three years.

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  1. herta nye

    thats agreat idea should of been done along time was done in holland

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