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Deportation of Nigerian football players in Vienna

Two Nigerian football players, who were arrested during their football training last week, should be deported back to Nigeria this week, reports the website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF”. The police did not wanted to confirm any certain appointment for the deportation.

The two men who played in a lower Viennese Football League for the team “FC Sans Papiers” lived in Austria since 2002 and 2004. Both had no valid permits of residence. The chairman of the club Di-Tutu Bukasa can’t believe that, and talks about “racism” as the true motive of the deportation.

Last week 250 supporters of the club made it very difficult for the police the bring the two football stars from the police station Hernals to the arrest center called “Rossauer Lände”. They blocked the main road. The result was a massive traffic jam, and the police had to take violent measures to chase the protesters from the road. 42 football supporters were arrested.

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