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HC Strache: “Money for Greece is purest lunacy”

Greece is in its deepest financial crisis. European politicans discuss about giving some money to the broke member of the European Union. Especially Germany should pay a lot, but also Austria is designated as contributor. Freedom parties leader HC Strache is not happy about that.

In his latest press release he labeled the increase of up to two billions for Austrias Greece help as the “purest lunacy”, and criticised that “nothing is too expensive” for Austrias financial minister Pröll (Peoples party).

Strache declared that his Freedom party is categorical against the plans to spend such fantastic sums to help Greece. The politican promised that he is going to do everything he can to prevent this payments. “Austria is in a crisis as well and needs the money for itself”, explained Strache, and declared that Greece should be thrown out of the European monetary union.

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