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Impressing victory for Heinz Fischer

Heinz Fischer is Austrias old and new president. He received 78,9 percent of all valid votes. His competitor Barbara Rosenkranz received 15,6 percent, and Gehring who wanted to bring more Christian religion into Austrian politics 5,4 percent. The first statements of the candidates. Heinz Fischer: “Fantastic majority.” Barbara Rosenkranz: “Quite respectable.” Rudolf Gehring: “I started with zero.”

The voter participation was low. Every second eligible voter stayed at home. The medias report about an historic trough in the voter participation. The number of rejected votes amount even 7 percent. Austrias daily newspaper “DerStandard” writes in today issue that the function of the Austrian president should be changed or removed. There were too many nonvoters this time.

The daily newspaper “DiePresse” writes about a victory and an absolute majority for the nonvoters. President Fischer only received a third of all possible votes. The newspaper called “Kurier” comments the result of the election that Fischer is a president of the common sense, not of the hearts. The headline of the “Wiener Zeitung”: “Frustration is the name of the new big party”. A dependence on the hight amount of nonevoters. “The voters were disgusted”, was the opinion of the “Salzburger Nachrichten”.

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