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Bouncer received silver badge of honour in Vienna

The honoree was the bouncer of a famous Viennese disco for many years. He is a native Munich, came to Vienna in the age of 18, and started to work as a bouncer at the beginning of the 80’s.

“Generations of young Viennese nighthawks met this special bouncer at the door of the famous disco”, reports the website of Austrias Broadcasting Corporation. His international connections are overwhelming. He knows the Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, and even knew the deceased singer Kurt Cobain. According to comments in Austrian internet forums, this kind of honour does not convince anyone. Critical comments remark that Austrian politicans must be quite bored if they host celebrations to honour a man who knew two American celebrities for just being a bouncer with a silver badge of honour. One user wrote that also long serving toilet attendants of famous Viennese restaurants deserve such a silver badge of honour.

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