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Is Austrian president Heinz Fischer sanctimonious?

Austrias daily newspaper “Die Presse” asks if Austrias president Heinz Fischer, who contests for a second time in office, is sanctimonious. The reason of such a question is based on his statements about invalid polling.

Heinz Fischer confirmed on Sundays TV shows “Pressestunde” that invalid polling depends on everyones attitude on democracy. “Democracy means decision”, he said. In the past weeks Fischer criticised statements of several politicans of the Peoples party who claimed that they are going to vote invalid, because there is no candidate of the Peoples party for the presidential election on Sunday.

The special thing about it? In 1998 it was the other way round. A man of the Peoples party, Thomas Klestil, contested for a second time in office and there was no candidate of the Socialdemocrats. What did Heinz Fischer say in that time? A press release revealed following message: “Members of the Socialdemocrats will decide in their own judgement if they are going to vote invalid or not.” This sounds a bit different as his message from last Sunday.

Is Heinz Fischer now sanctimonious? The manager of the Lower Austrian Peoples party Gerhard Karner answers such a question with a clear “Yes”. “Unbelievable sanctimonious”, he told the daily newspaper. Karner recommends to all people who are not sure whom to vote, to vote invalid. “Invalid polling is a democratic right and no disgrace”, he confirmed.

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