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Hairdresser in Austria: prices of hair salons cause trouble

Austrian women have to pay more at the hairdresser than men. Also for exact the same service. A TV program in Austrias Broadcasting Corporation “ORF” revealed the unequal pricing of Austrias hair salons.

Now even the official representation of employees in Austria, also known as “Arbeiterkammer”, became interested in the case. The spokesman of the organization labeled such a price policy as discriminatory. Case studies confirmed the reproaches. Women have to pay much more for the exact the same service than men. The explanations of the hairdressers were not convincing. “That’s tradition”, said one, and another hairdresser tried to explain that the price of his service depends on the size of the head.

Austrias Equal Opportunities Commission is not happy about such news. If an expert assessment is going to prove an unequal treatment, the hairdressers have to change their pricing. Also auxiliary services came under review. One woman had to pay 7 Euro extra for a splodge of balm. Another criticism is the wage of the hairdressers. 6 Euro in one hour is too little, thinks the official representation of employees in Austria.

High prices and low wages? The only winner in such situation is the manager of the hair salon, was the result of the investigation.

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