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Leisure activities of Austrians: television more important as sex

A new study revealed that Austrians prefer to watch television or to visit a restaurant than having sex. Only 55 percent said that sex is part of their leisure activities. Spending time with the family is the most important activity for Austrians (79 percent).

The second most popular activity in Austria is spending time with friends (78 percent). Followed by watching television (66 percent) and visiting a restaurant (57 percent). Sex is only the 5th popular activity by 55 percent.

The federal state with the biggest sexual activity is Styria. People from the province of Upper Austria are true sexless persons. Also the inhabitants of Tirol have a lot of sex and take the second place in Austrias sex ranking. Also Viennese and Carinthians are one of the provinces with a lot of sex in the leisure. Besides Upper Austria, there is also no big motivation of having sex in Salzburg, Lower Austria and Vorarlberg.

Other popular leisure activities for Austrians are lounging, reading a book, working in the garden, home improvements, having a bath and shopping. Not so popular is sport, surfing in the internet and telephone calls.

The study also revealed that people from Salzburg and Vorarlberg are very serious. It was told that they prefer to go down in the cellar for having a laugh. The most important things for them are working, earning money and spending a lot of time at home.

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