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Drunken Danish tourist went on the rampage in Salzburg

A drunken 23-year-old tourist from Denmark gave vent to his feelings in Salzburgs 2.700 inhabitant village Flachau. First he destroyed the driving mirrors of some parking cars. Then he broke into a car and stole a laptop and a suitcase.

But this wasn’t enough. He also took bed linen from an hotels terrace, and at the end he set three cars on fire. After his destruction works were finished, he escaped out of the village with bed linen, a laptop, and the suitcase. A taxi driver was suspicious when he saw the young man running around in the nature with bed linen, laptop and suitcase and called the police.

Only several minutes later the Danish tourist was arrested. First he gainsaid his doings, but after a while he admitted what he did. The general damages of his aggression amount 100.000 Euro. It became apparent that the young man from Denmark is a citizen of the Danish capital Copenhagen.

The reason of his aggression is still unknown. There are rumours that he was not happy with the hotel service or Salzburg as holiday destination.

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